March 26th, 2020


Welcome to My Journal!

Much of the old content is friends only, and I may later make my more recent entries friends only. I'd love to read what you have to say, so if you would like to read me, leave a comment here!

(Special Note: I've made drastic changes to the layout, emoticons and title of the journal to reflect my recent attitude change and to remind me to stay positive! Much of the older stuff is friends only for a reason!)

I post about mundane things. I post about spiritual things. I post about raising my daughter, and boyfriends, and family... I write through the issues I have so I can get through normal life and feel that perhaps someone out there, a thousand miles away, at least hears me. Sometimes, oftentimes, that is all I need when I am crying out.

I need to hear, I hear you. If you are like me in any way (see my profile for my interests, etc.), feel free to add me, but leave a message on here if you would like to see my friends only stuff- some is just too good to share with the world sometimes, and I have a habit of retroactively friending entries.

Right now I want more readers and writers though. :)

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